Another animal cruelty arrest in Ontario County: Remains of three horses found, others severely neglected (

Authorities have made another arrest in Ontario County after an investigation into horses that were neglected.

Alan C. Scrivener, 72, of Stoddard Road, has been charged with animal cruelty after Ontario County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered neglected horses on his property. The investigation began on May 26, 2024, when deputies responded to an unrelated complaint at Scrivener’s home in Hopewell, NY.

Deputies found at least five horses standing in 5-6 feet of manure, unable to exit the barn. Additional bones were discovered in an exterior corral. A search warrant executed on May 30, 2024, revealed the remains of three horses and confirmed severe neglect of the five living horses, whose hooves had curled due to years of neglect.

Scrivener was charged with five counts of animal cruelty and five counts of failure to provide food and water to an impounded animal. He was issued an appearance ticket for the Town of Hopewell Court and released.

The rescued horses are now being cared for at a local livestock business.

. Authorities noted the two incidents were not connected.

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