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Berachain is becoming more famous among investors and the crypto community, it is still in testnet and it gives a big opportunity to users to earn free coins.

Berachain has not announced anything related to airdrop and there is a 100% chance that they will airdrop free tokens to active users.

In this Berachain airdrop guide you will find the simple way to become eligible for the Berachain airdrop, what is Berachain, and much more.

What Is Berachain?

Berachain is a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus. Proof-of-Liquidity is a novel consensus mechanism that aims to align network incentives, creating a strong synergy between Berachain validators and the ecosystem of projects. Berachain’s technology is built on Polaris, a high-performance blockchain framework for building EVM-compatible chains on top of the CometBFT consensus engine.

EVM-Compatible vs EVM-Equivalent
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is Ethereum’s runtime environment for executing smart contracts, providing a secure and isolated space for running code written in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

EVM comes with a set of supported operations known as opcodes (ADD, PUSH, POP, etc), supported smart contract languages (Solidity, Vyper, etc) which compile down to EVM bytcode, and supported tooling (Remix, Hardhat, etc) which are purpose-built for the EVM.

How To Do To Became Eligible For Berachain Airdrop

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can be eligible for the Berachain airdrop.  Some people are also claiming that you will be able to get more airdrop from the Cosmos ecosystem because Berachain is a Cosmos-based EVM compatible proof of liquidity Layer1 blockchain.

Get Wallet Ready

Berachain is an EVM-based project hence you can go with any EVM-based wallet, I suggest using Metamask. As Metamask is widely used by all projects and is easy to use, also they are provided safest wallet.

Enter the following details into MetaMask to add Berachain and connect to Berachain Testnet.

Key Value
Network Berachain Artio


Chain ID
Currency symbol
Block explorer URL


Once the data is entered correctly, click save. You can find more details on their docs.

Get Free Testnet Tokens

You can get free Berachain testnet tokens from their official faucet. Simply visit the faucet page, enter your wallet address and click on Drip Tokens to receive free Bera tokens.

There are some other faucets where you can get free Bera tokens.

  • Quicknode –
  • Faucet Trade – (they have telegram bot where you can claim free testnet tokens regularly)
  • 0xhoneyjar –

Complete Following Actions

Following are the official Dapps where you can perform…

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