Buckle Up: Bitcoin’s Ride to $74K Could Start Any Minute – Here’s Why (

Buckle Up: Bitcoin’s Ride to $74K Could Start Any Minute – Here’s Why

Although Bitcoin has yet to reclaim its peak of over $73,000 from March, it achieved a 24-hour high of $70,188. This performance is part of a gradual increase, with Bitcoin rising 1.2% over the past week and 2% in the last 24 hours, bringing its current price to $69,211.

Amid this price performance, the crypto has shown promising fluctuations that suggest a possible upswing in its market value, with developments in trading patterns and


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Breaking Resistance: BTC Eyes Major Breakout

In the current market environment, Bitcoin is nearing a critical resistance level that could set the stage for its next big price movement. Crypto analyst Ali has pointed out that BTC is on the verge of breaking out from a “symmetrical triangle” pattern on the charts.

This pattern, characterized by two converging trend lines, represents a period of consolidation before the price potentially moves in a more decisive direction. Ali suggests that if Bitcoin can sustain a close above the $69,330 resistance level, it may quickly ascend to around $74,400.

This move would break the recent static trend and signal the beginning of a more substantial rally.

Adding to the optimistic outlook, analyst TechDev has provided a comprehensive analysis that supports the potential for an unprecedented breakout. His observations are backed by historical data and technical indicators that align with Bitcoin’s current market activity.

According to TechDev, Bitcoin is exhibiting a pattern that could indicate a major bullish phase. He notes that historically, Bitcoin has experienced significant price increases, known as “blowoff tops,” which have typically been followed by notable corrections.

However, the current scenario is different. Bitcoin did not experience a blowoff top in 2021, which diverges from its historical behavior and suggests a potential buildup to a more sustained price increase.

BTC price is moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: BTC/USDT on

Impending Bitcoin Supply Squeeze

In support of these technical analyses, the market is also witnessing significant movements in terms of ownership and storage.

Data from BTC-ECHO’s Leon Waidmann reveals that the percentages of Bitcoin and Ethereum held on exchanges are at their lowest levels in years, indicating strong holding behavior among investors.

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This decrease in exchange balances and continued accumulation by whales suggest that a supply squeeze could be imminent, potentially driving prices up as availability decreases.

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