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The rollout of the free version of

is already reaching a wider audience, starting with users of Samsung Galaxy devices and older Pixel models. Magic Editor is a tool integrated into the Google Photos app. It brings powerful editing capabilities thanks to the power of generative AI.

Magic Editor rolling out widely to older Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices

Magic Editor debuted with the Google Pixel 8 series in October 2023. This April, the company confirmed that it would be available to all Google Photos users soon. The rollout for Pixel devices of previous generations began in mid-May, but it was staggered. Now, the company is expanding the rollout not only to more Pixel models, but also to Samsung devices.

Once it is available on your device, you can access Magic Editor after opening an image in the Google Photos app, tapping on “Edit,” and then on the purple icon located in the lower left area of the UI (above the “Cancel” button). The feature uses generative AI to modify elements in an image (change their placement, size, etc.), remove them, and fill in missing areas. There are also extra possibilities like editing the sky and more.

It’s noteworthy that there are usage limitations for non-Pixel devices. For example, on your Samsung phone, you can only save up to 10 edits per month. However, you can remove this limitation if you pay for a Google One plan. On the other hand, Pixel device users can enjoy unlimited edits.

Magic Eraser and other editing options now free for everyone

Although both are AI-powered features, Magic Editor and Magic Eraser are two different ones. As its name suggests, Magic Eraser is focused on removing elements from an image. On the other hand, Magic Editor can also do this, but it adds multiple other possibilities. Magic Eraser was one of those options locked behind a paywall, requiring purchasing a Google One plan to use it.

That said, this option is now available for free, and not just for Pixel and Samsung users. Currently, Magic Eraser is free-to-use on my Nothing Phone (2), along with other options that were previously also paid. These include Sky suggestions, Color pop, Color focus and HDR effect, among others. However, Magic Editor is not yet available on my device. The good side of Magic Eraser is that it has no usage limit even for free users. So, it’s great to have it available without the requirement of a Google One paid plan.

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