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When it comes to virtual workspaces, cloud storage and user-friendly tools, many users at various levels have heard of them. A huge proportion of executives, directors, and managers use similar technologies or virtual data rooms for business. But users don’t always fully understand exactly what it has to offer.

This article is not intended to cover the full functionality of data rooms. It will show a few key points where a single environment can handle several tasks at once, and those are:

  1. Showing and hiding information
  2. Quickly create queries and generate reports
  3. Managing multiple projects from a single office
  4. Utilizing enhanced resources for computing
  5. Artificial intelligence as a failsafe assistant
  6. Flexible virtual data room solutions for customizations and changes

Automation will also be pursued here at all points. This will help in forming an opinion on the feasibility of using data rooms for due diligence and other such purposes. For a more in-depth look at all the features and functions, please visit


Virtual Data Rooms Header Image


Different Levels Of Access To A Single Document In VDR

Cloud users have long used virtual space to securely store documents and access them conveniently from any device and at any time. Business relationships constantly require the exchange of information with partners.

Previously, people had to prepare separate folders with a portfolio of documents, review the information and possibly cut some of it. With the storage that virtual data room providers provide, this is no longer necessary. A document just needs to be uploaded once and simply shared with others with rules in place. It could be:

  • Familiarization and editing
  • Full familiarization without the right to copy or take a screenshot
  • Partial familiarization with a time limit

The document owner specifies a “visitor” via the dashboard and gives them a certain list of possibilities. In addition, this can be automatically closed after a specified period or after a certain time has elapsed.

The Virtual Data Room Is Ready For The Unexpected

Imagine that a negotiation with a partner has started. A person has been preparing for it. But suddenly, the other party is interested in some data that was not part of the meeting plan.

As Ronald Hernandez, founder of, says, “VDR due diligence is prepared for unexpected twists and turns and changes in negotiation strategy. It’s like having a backup plan of action at all times.”

A special query builder allows you to quickly find the necessary file, make a selection from several documents, and combine several types of data into one report. After a couple of minutes and everything being ready, the meeting continues.

One Door For All Virtual Data Rooms

One company can handle multiple projects or review a couple of proposals at the same time. There is no need to create separate libraries for each area.

The system is organized in such a way that, with a…

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