Tetris has a new puzzle game to celebrate turning 40 (

Tetris has a new puzzle game to celebrate turning 40

Tetris has been around for decades and this week the franchise is celebrating its 40th anniversary. 40 years is a long time for any game franchise to stick around, let alone be as popular as Tetris has been with players for that amount of time.

Since the original was released, Tetris has been launched on numerous platforms and has been reimagined in at least a few ways. This includes official releases on

and iOS. And as of this week, that now includes a revamped version of the Tetris app. The big changes with this revamp include a new look to the app UI. Playstudios Inc., which handles development on the game, also included new multiplayer challenges for players to sink their teeth into.

As part of the new look players can choose between classic and marathon modes like before, but there’s also a new Adventure mode available. Playstudios says this is faster-paced and has “hundreds of unique levels.” So it appears that this will provide players with tons of replayability. This version of the game is already live so you should be able to play the new content. However, you may need to update your version if the content isn’t visible.

The Tetris 40th anniversary celebration includes a new ‘Tetris Block Puzzle’ game

If you want to try something fresh that’s still Tetris, there’s a new game launching today called Tetris Block Puzzle. It’s essentially a block puzzle game but with a “Tetris twist” according to the developers. There are two modes of play and these include Adventure Mode and High-Score Mode. Additionally, the game can be played offline and it was designed to offer a more casual style of play. Tetris Block Puzzle is free though it does have in-game purchases.

Playstudios Inc. also says that more modes for the game are coming in the future.

Tetris comes to Minecraft

What could be more fun than playing either Tetris or Minecraft? How about playing Minecraft with Tetris-themed armor and weapons, among other items. There will also be Tetris-themed monsters and blocks to play around with. There’s also going to be a Tetris DLC launching on June 30 and this seems to be where most of the Tetris content is being added.

Once this DLC launches, players will be able to build dungeons using special Tetrimino pieces and then explore them.

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