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Another week has flown by! Let’s catch up on the news that went under the radar in our newest edition of “News You Probably Missed and Shouldn’t Have!” As usual, we’ll be delving into some truly captivating stories from another whirlwind week, and some not. So, whether you’re a news junkie or just looking for a quick update, this roundup has something for everyone. Let’s jump right in!

T-Mobile surprises couple with a 4x higher bill out of the blue

Imagine you’re planning a delicious week of meals, and then BAM! Your phone carrier charges a bill more than a spaceship full of data. That’s what happened to one couple in the US. T-Mobile charged them a mysterious $357 for a month of phone usage, four times as much as their average monthly bill. When disputed, the carrier said, “Oops, go fight with your bank.” And the bank asked them to wait…

The couple must be hoping their fridge doesn’t declare war before they get their money back.

Apple downgraded the iPad Air’s GPU from 10 cores to 9 cores

Remember how Apple bragged about the new iPad Air having a 10-core GPU? Turns out it was just a typo, or maybe a deliberate exaggeration to look cool. The company has quietly changed it to 9 cores. It’s like the iPad Air forgot its gym membership and got a little flabby. Nobody at Apple is explaining why, but rumor has it the iPad Pro is feeling jealous and wants all the best toys. Awkward!

The NSA’s guide to keeping your phone and yourself safe

Smartphones can be hotbeds for spying. The NSA is here to tell you how to babysit your phone like it’s a toddler running loose with classified documents. Don’t talk about sensitive things near your phone, it might eavesdrop! Forget about using public Wi-Fi—that’s like letting your phone wander off with a stranger at the playground. Keep it on a leash (or a strong password), don’t let it talk to strangers (unknown networks), and be super suspicious of everything it downloads. Basically, treat your phone like it’s a secret agent in training.

Acer launches new Chromebooks that don’t excite anyone

Acer just unveiled some new Chromebooks built for business, but they’re about as exciting as watching paint dry. They’re surely tougher than a toddler’s toy, can last a workday on a charge, and come with built-in AI that might help you with meetings (or at least judge your presentation outfit). The problem? They’re missing that special something to make Windows users jealous. It’s like Acer built a perfectly fine work truck, but forgot the flux capacitor to make it fly.

Opera browser lets you add emojis to your tabs

Opera, the browser, heard you like emojis. It has put emojis in your tabs…and on your tabs. Get ready to jazz up your browsing experience (or go totally wild with emoji overload). Now you can assign a little smiley, a party popper, or any other emoji from their library to tabs. Want to spot that research paper on penguins instantly? BAM! Emoji it….

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