Top 10 Trading Apps: Your Guide to the Best Platforms in India (

Top 10 Trading Apps: Your Guide to the Best Platforms in India


The bullish run of the Indian stock market has encouraged many retail investors to earn returns from the equity market. About 65% of retail investors make small ticket investments of less than Rs. 1 lakh. Stock trading is still dominated by high-net-worth individuals who don’t think twice about profits from the stock market. Technology platforms have empowered many youngsters to start trading, and they are comfortable investing in smaller ticket sizes. The average ticket size of entry-level investors is around Rs. 15,000. 

This blog gives you the top 10 apps, and you can choose the best trading app in India that fits your needs. Moreover, many platforms provide the added advantage of a

, further enhancing accessibility and affordability for retail investors. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, choosing the right trading app can significantly impact your investment journey.

10 Best Trading Apps

The trading apps vary in features, access to investment products, and types of brokerage accounts. Choosing a trading app with zero brokerage will minimise trading costs and increase profits. Here is a list of the popular trading apps in India:

#1 Zerodha Kite

With more than one crore active clients, about 15% of Indian trading volume is from this app. The robust technology platform supports both beginner and advanced traders. Users can download the trading app, access it on any web browser, or use the Chrome extension to track stocks and place orders. The intuitive user interface also has advanced charts with high-speed market data streaming. Advanced features provide deep analytics for the overall portfolio. The platform offers free equity delivery trading and 20X leverage on intraday trading. 

The platform charges account opening and maintenance fees. There are also extra charges to get SMS alerts; order details can be fetched only from another app.  

#2 Shoonya

Shoonya is a discount broker that revolutionised share trading in India with commission-free trading on all segments. Through this broker, you can invest in equity, commodity, currency, futures, and options. It is an absolute zero brokerage app with no hidden fees or charges. You can also get a free lifetime demat account when you sign up with Shoonya. The interactive customer service provides quick answers to resolve customer queries. 

The intuitive interface shows multiple charts on the same screen to enable traders to make quick trading decisions. You can also get research reports and SMS alerts without additional charges. The AI-powered platform also provides market predictions with heat maps. 

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#3 Upstox Pro Trading App

Upstox Pro is a discount broker app for investing in stocks, currencies, mutual funds, and commodities. It offers access to advanced tools like trading view and charts IQ libraries. It also includes advanced features like a market watch, live stock…

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