What You Need To Know Before Moving To Scotland From England (

What You Need To Know Before Moving To Scotland From England

Whether you are looking for a change of scenery or want to be closer to friends and family, moving from England to Scotland is a big life decision. While the two countries share a border and have similar cultures in many ways, there are some important differences to consider.

This article discusses key things to research before

, from practical matters to cultural differences, to help your relocation across the border go smoothly.

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What To Consider Before Moving To Scotland From England

Below are some important factors to consider before making the move from england to scotland.

1. Transportation

The distances between places are often greater in Scotland than in parts of England. While major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh have excellent public transportation systems, a car is very useful for traveling around more remote areas of Scotland.

Be prepared for narrow, windy roads in the countryside compared to wider motorways in England. Also, driving on the left side of the road takes some adjustment if you are used to England’s rules. Consider booking driving lessons to prepare for Scotland’s roads.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare systems have some differences north of the border. In Scotland, healthcare is provided by NHS Scotland rather than NHS England. Be sure to register with a local GP (general practitioner) as soon as you settle into your new home.

Prescriptions and other medical costs are also free in Scotland, unlike England where some NHS services have small fees.

3. Education

If you have school-age children, research the Scottish education system. Children generally start primary school at age 5 rather than 4 in England. Also, the school years have different names – primary school covers ages 5 to 11/12, followed by secondary school rather than middle school.

At age 16-18, students may choose college for further qualifications rather than staying at secondary school as in England. Talk to your new local schools about enrolling your kids.

4. Employment And Taxes

The economies and some laws are managed separately by the Scottish Parliament rather than Westminster. Be aware of any changes to minimum wage, annual leave, or maternity pay rules. Income tax rates can also be slightly different than in England.

Make sure your new salary and contractual terms comply with Scottish laws if changing jobs.

5. Cultural Differences

While English is the main language across Britain, the Scots dialect and Scottish Gaelic language have a strong presence too. Be open-minded about integrating Scots words and pronunciations into your vocabulary. Events like Burns Night and Hogmanay are unique to Scotland as well to experience local traditions.

Bagpipe music, kilts, and whisky are all part of rich Scottish culture too.

6. Housing

Rent levels and house prices are generally lower in Scotland, but average incomes also tend to be lower than in parts of southern England. Do thorough research on property costs in…

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