You Can Own the Fastest Jet-Powered Go-Kart on the Planet (

You Can Own the Fastest Jet-Powered Go-Kart on the Planet

There are plenty of ways to spend $15,000 if you’re into fast things with four wheels. However, we’d bet most of those vehicles don’t hold a

like the world’s fastest jet-powered go-kart for sale in Kansas.

The go-kart earned its Guinness World Records award on October 8, 2021, reaching 114.5916 miles per hour. Any faster would have required additional thrust beyond the two KingTech K450G4 jet engines, which appear to make 99 pounds of thrust. Afterburners would have voided their warranty.

The kart, built by Skylar January, required 18 months of research, which included learning about jet engines, drag coefficients, and go-kart platforms. He first tested the jet engines on a moped that got one mile per gallon of jet fuel before transitioning to the kart. It took January, his dad, and his brother another six months to complete the build.

The purchase comes with the certificate, the shifter kart frame, and the two lightly used jet engines. If you want both vehicles, January offers the buyer the opportunity to negotiate for the moped. The pair uses the same jet engines so that you can get around town at speed in two very cool ways.

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